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Image by S O C I A L . C U T

Heyyyy Love Buds! I’m Maiya (my-yuh) but all my friends call me “Mai” so since we’re friends, that’s what you can call me! 


So now that we are friends let me tell you a little bit more about me!!


Well…I LOVE God! Big G Only! I’m so grateful for Jesus & I am His favorite problem child! 


NJ Born & Bred….VA Fed-so a healthy dose of city smarts & southern charm.


I believe in balance so I am Ratchet & Righteous because quite honestly is there any other way?!?! So, if you need a reference point….I am somewhere between Knuck if you buck AND Take me to the King….God is ok with it! 


I LOVE COFFEE-I am really not my best self without it!


I really have a BAD addiction to seafood….blue crabs to be specific.


I am a lover of ALL things Fashion-I don’t do trends but I do believe fashion is a state of mind! I am a pattern mixologist (you can verify this on my IG: @_allthingsmai)


I HATE WHISTLING!!!!!! LIKE EWWWW (if you whistle-I am going to side eye you!)


I have no kids but I am everyone’s favorite Boujie Auntie 


I may appear to be an extrovert but it is an ILLUSION!! I prefer to be home binge watching “My 600-lb Life” with wine! 


I am also the girl who ran from God & my calling for most of my life BUT finally realized and accepted that my story is needed to be a part of His Bigger story (just like yours!) 


I finally gave God my “YES” and that’s how my brand/ministry was birthed. My brand is designed to empower, inspire & encourage women to heal WHOLE & HEALTHY….you can call me your….personal InfluenceHER! 


So journey with me……& let’s bloom beautifully…..TOGETHER! 


~XOXO Mai 

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