Heyyyyy Love Buds! I'm Maiya but all my friends call me "Mai" so since we're friends now that's what you can call me! 

So now that we are friends let me tell you a little bit about me!


Well....I LOVE God! Big G Only! I'm so grateful for Jesus!! In my mind I am His favorite problem child! (don't dispute me)

NJ bred & VA fed-so a healthy dose of city smarts & southern charm. 

I believe in balance so I am Ratchet & Righteous because quite honestly is there any other way?!?!? So I'm somewhere between Knuck if you Buck AND Take Me to the King....God said it's ok :)

I LOVE COFFEE-like without it I am not my best self! 

I have a really bad addiction to SEAFOOD!! Crabs in particular! 

I am a lover of all things FASHION-I don't believe in trends but I do believe Fashion is a state of mind! I am a pattern mixologist!!! 

I HATE WHISTLING! LIKE EWWWW I side eye people who do it! 

I have no kids but I am the dope auntie to many who will buy snacks/candy and send them back to their parents! 

I appear to be such an extrovert but in all honesty I am quite introverted-I do have a big personality to those who truly know me! 

I am extremely awkward & clumsy (yes I fall up stairs)

I am also a girl who ran from God & the calling on my life for most of my life & finally realized God doesn't run out of breath from chasing me! Which is how we got here.....

I finally decided to give God my "YES" & which created my brand/destiny which is to empower, inspire & encourage broken women to heal whole & healthy! I allowed my wounds to be healed so that I could use my scars as proof that if He did it for me....then He can do it for you too!! 

So journey with me....and let's bloom beautifully...TOGETHER!! 

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