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God is....

Now as you have figured out this is your one stop for Faith/Fashion/Fun!! The other things are a part of who I am but let's be honest...who I am is NOTHING without God! 

So this is where I share my Faith with you! 

If you are anything like me love God & still a lil' Ratchet or maybe you've heard about this God guy but you aren't even sure where to start or where you fit in....NO WORRIES! Especially if you don't even understand the Bible....I got YOU! 

Consider me your Ratchet but Saved Sis in Christ! 

My BFF & I host a weekly Bible Study-ish live on Monday nights 6:45pm EST on IG Live (Zoom also) to share our love of God & His word in a bit of a "ratchet" and easy to follow way....imagine a Love & Hip Hop Jerusalem Edition. (the Bible is full of ghetto folks but we use them to show just who God really is in our imperfections!!) 

Our job as disciples of to love God & point people to Him......God NEVER said that had to be boring! 

Come join us as we journey together with God! 

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& all of God's kids said "YERRRRRR" (told you we ratchet!)

OH YEA-WE HAVE MERCH!!! Check it out in the store!!!

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